Music has been known as a tool of therapy for thousands of years.

Recent research, utilizing MRI and PET technology has identified the efficacy of music in stimulating the release of endorphins to counteract pain, reduce blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.

Music has also been shown to aid in stroke recovery by improving verbal memory, and attention span.

Specific types of music can create a profound positive emotional experience that triggers the secretion of immune boosting hormones and a reduction in inflammation and blood Cortisol levels.

Research also confirms that music has the power to enhance reading and literary skills, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathmatics capabilities, and emotional intelligence.

Relaxing music reduces the action of the Sympathetic Nervous System, decreasing anxiety, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, and increasing skeletal muscle relaxation to aid in sleep disorders.

Recent research also shows that listening to bright, cheerful music decreases depression.

Although some specific types of music have been studied in correlation with physiological responses, the bottom line seems to be that the most effective type of music to use in assisting the body to heal is music that makes you happy.

We are hard-wired to respond to sound with neuro-chemical secretions that create profound inner changes.

Music is medicine that requires no prescription. Follow your heart and listen to the music that sings to your soul. Its not just entertainment … its entrainment into healing and balance.

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