The Institute of HeartMath, in their book “Transforming Depression” states that the brain is a pattern-matching system that scans for what is familiar. When a stressful situation occurs, the brain scans its memory banks for previous stressful experiences until it percieves a match. Then, it triggers the same emotional reactions you had the previous time … including depression, anxiety, hurt, resignation, or other negative feelings.

The good news is that the brain circuits are flexible and can be changed at any time in your life. You can reshape and repattern negative emotional circuitry. Because our emotional processes work faster than thinking, something more powerful than just a mental process is needed. What lays the foundation for successful reprogramming is a Coherent Heart.

Researchers have established that the heart’s signals have a significant effect on the brain’s cognitive and emotional functions, continuously influencing how a person perceives and responds to the world.

To cultivate a Coherent Heart, you can begin to explore this guided exercise offered by the Institute of HeartMath

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