• March 13, 2010
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Monthly Practice

Quiet Season: December 2011 in the northern hemisphere

Emergence into the Light in the southern hemisphere

This is a wonderful time for dropping into deep meditation journeys.


If you are in the northern hemisphere, you are entering into winter … when the Earth slumbers and dreams. Where people gather in quiet communion and share stories of the passing year. There is a collective appreciation for the harvest of blessings that the year brought, and some time spent in reverence for what has passed on.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, you are entering into the beginnings of summer. The seeds you planted are showing signs of growth and expansion. This is a time to revel in your creative flow … to invite inspiration for new things to be born, and celebrate with others. It is a time of dancing and laughter … of welcoming the new and nurturing it into the coming months.

Whatever side of the globe you are on … you can make it a celebration of life … in the deep stillness of winter and quiet contemplation, or the colorful dance of summer with celebration. Feasting on the bounty of harvest all year long is a wonderful way to share with friends and family.

Take time to appreciate

Take time to breathe

Take time to laugh

Be the Love that you are.