Greetings from Summer in Shasta

The ice has finally melted on the lower lakes and people are enjoying the pristine water.

The Sun is in Leo (thank goodness) and tomorrow evening at 6:37 PM Pacific time, the moon is full in Aquarius. Have you all been feeling the intensity of the T square of the planets in cardinal signs ?? Have you been feeling like you are being re-designed? Well, you are not alone friends.

The Aquarius moon tomorrow asks us to embrace our individuation … our personal gifts and expressions … AND our unity consciousness … simultaneously, instead of seeing them as opposites.

Now that is something new for many … so if the concept stretches your mind, allow the full moon’s magic to help you get there. Ride the wave … stand up on your surfboard and feel the rush of the wind on your face.

Take time to be in the moonlight during this full moon night, and bathe in the light of the coming expansion of the outer world, and of your inner world as well. Embrace the Leo sun and dance … sing … play … celebrate.

siskiyou lake

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