This morning feels like a new life … the Aquarian Moon has brought to light some interesting information. As I took my morning walk through the wetlands, I received images of minds opening … old beliefs dissolving … effortless expansion in the world. And keep in mind, I said “effortless” … it is as if a stream of ease is making its way into our lives … assisting us to see things from a greater perspective … one that feels much lighter and filled with grace.

I saw many grids of light surrounding the planet, and I saw the deep and abiding connection between this reverence for the planet … for what it means to be here … and the many amazing beings serving in the military all over the world … their guardian spirits … primal mission to preserve the original intentions … beyond the politics … beyond the religions … deep into the knowing that this is a sacred place.

Been talking to my star sister Kristina Walsh about all of this … she is planning to teach about this … stay tuned for more.

Have a lovely Monday.

Morning Sun

the sun this morning on my walk

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