Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson,
The Body Code™ is a cutting-edge energetic healing system.

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Body Code™

“The human body holds all of the answers that we need to help it function at its absolute peak. But then the question remains … how can we access this limitless healing database? How can we use this “database” to quickly correct the health imbalances that are causing you pain, emotional distress and holding you back from the life you have always dreamed of?

How can you unlock the hidden“lie detector”in your body, enabling you to quickly identify and correct health issues with astonishing speed and success? How can we use this knowledge to test and correct every type of imbalance, disconnection, and distortion in the bodies energy field?

The answer is simple: Combine the proven techniques of Muscle Testing with a groundbreaking new system based on the same sure-fire logic that runs every single computer in the world to unlock the hidden healing power of the subconscious mind.

It is called The Body Code System and it is the most advanced energy balancing and healing system in the world.” – Bradley Nelson

The Body Code Mind Map System ™ identifies imbalances in the body that can be released or corrected. All imbalances are represented in the six primary categories at the energetic core of disease and discomfort:

  • Circuitry – The organs, glands and muscles that make up the physical body.
  • Energetic – These are generally trapped emotions.
  • Pathogens – Fungal, Bacterial, Viral, Mold and Parasites.
  • Nutritional – The food we eat, including herbs and nutrients.
  • Structural – The bones, nerves, and connective tissues.
  • Toxicity – Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals and other environmental toxins.

I will work with you to identify and release/correct imbalances underlying your symptoms of discomfort. As with The Emotion Code, a magnet is used to amplify your intention for healing, and the imbalances are directed into the Governing Vessel Meridian for safe, effective release.

You will be an active participant in this process. It is a co-creative journey to better health and well-being. Whether you are dealing with acute or chronic symptoms, or are seeking ways to prevent disease, pain or disability, The Body Code™ is the perfect tool for supporting your body, mind and spirit.

We may be guided to release or correct toxic energies or imbalances, or support the body with specific foods, herbs or nutrients. Your body may indicate a need for restoring balance to the Chakras, the acupuncture meridians, or any of the body systems.

The Body Code™ is not a substitute for standard medical care. It is an adjunct for you to use for the purpose of removing toxic energies that interfere with your body’s natural healing abilities.

Enjoy this short animated description of how the Body Code™ works:

Physical and Emotional Imbalances that have shown positive responses to Body Code sessions.

Acid Reflux Allergies Anxiety
Abdominal Pain Asthma Depression
Back Pain Bell’s Palsy Bipolar Depression
Carpal Tunnel Chronic Fatigue Frigidity
Chron’s Disease Colitis Inability to Achieve
Constipation Diabetes Inability to find Love
Dyslexia Eye Pain Inability to overcome Adversity
Fibromyalgia Headaches Insomnia
Heartburn (GERD) Hip Pain Isolation
Hypoglycemia Impotency Learning Disabilities
Infertility IBS Mental Illness
Joint Pain Knee Pain Night Terrors
Hypothyroidism Lupus Panic Attacks
Migraines Morning Sickness Phobias
Multiple Sclerosis Neck Pain Self-Sabotage
Obesity Parkinson’s Suicidal Tendencies
Shoulder Pain Sinus Problems Substance Abuse
Tennis Elbow Vertigo PTSD

Interpreters available for sessions (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Translation available for written reports (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Please email one of the interpreters below for their fee and scheduling information.

Name: Patricia Flores
Spanish Interpreter

Name: Yuko Tani
Japanese Interpreter

Name: Hiroko Takano
Japanese Interpreter

Yuriko Walker
Name: Yuriko Walker
Japanese Interpreter

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