Returning to well-being


In the maze of healing modalities and programs available today, how do you know what will work for you? Where do you begin when you are looking for help? Have you realized there is no “cookie-cutter” answer … no “one size fits all”?

What would it be like if you could find a healing plan that actually works for you?

How would it feel to know that the work being done to promote your well-being can grow with you, and continue to match you where you are?

Now you can experience that degree of individual care. You can co-create a Healing Pathway that addresses your immediate needs, and continues to grow with you, as you come into alignment with your highest level of well being.

Healing Pathways℠ are individually designed plans for returning to optimum health and well-being. This program is a 3 month intensive journey into your healing needs.

The first step is a comprehensive evaluation of your primary concerns regarding health, relationships, career path, spiritual path, financial well-being, and more.

Once the areas of imbalance are identified, Karen will design a Healing Pathway℠ that is unique to you. This will include recommendations for addressing each area in your life that needs rebalancing. You will receive a roadmap to follow that includes tools you can use at home to empower your own healing abilities.

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with Karen will provide you with information, experiences and practice with these essential healing tools.
  • Downloadable PDF and mp3 files will be made available to you to support your inner work at home.
  • Optional additional tools will be discussed based on individual needs and affinities for specific types of healing tools.

Karen will introduce healing practices to you and you will determine which of these practices is the best fit for you.

An overall re-evaluation session will be done after 2 months, to determine your progress and identify any new areas of need so the plan can be adjusted and expanded to meet you where you are at that time.

After the 3 month period, if you wish to continue revising your plan, you can sign up for recurrent 1 hour monthly sessions at a discounted rate.

An Example of a Healing Pathway:

Healing The Heart Wall; The Great Separator
Healing the Fear Programming in the Limbic System; The Great Replicator
Ancestral Pathways of Pain; The Great Saboteur
Immune Function Assessment and Re-Balancing
Chakra Containment Fields; The Great Limitation
Divine Reciprocity Programming
Organ System Assessment and Re-Balancing

Healing Pathways Package Product Description

  • Comprehensive Evaluation (average time is 2 hours; can be longer if needed): Valued at $350
  • Private Sessions – 10 hours of private session time;(may be divided into 30 minute segments or greater, depending on need): Valued at $1200
  • MidPoint Re-Evaluation (average time is 2 hours, can be longer if needed): Valued at $350
  • Tools for individualized home practice: Valued at $600
  • Total Package Value: $2500

Discounted Price: $2250 (savings of $250)

Modalities Frequently Used in Healing Pathways Work:

Interpreters available for sessions (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Translation available for written reports (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Please email one of the interpreters below for their fee and scheduling information.

Name: Patricia Flores
Spanish Interpreter

Name: Yuko Tani
Japanese Interpreter

Name: Hiroko Takano
Japanese Interpreter

Yuriko Walker
Name: Yuriko Walker
Japanese Interpreter

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