Happy Organs


When a viral flu or cold is spread around, do you always end up with bronchitis or pneumonia while others seem to recover in a few days? You might wonder why you seem to have a weakness in your respiratory system that makes you likely to develop a more severe illness than most other people around you.

When disease or dysfunction manifests in one of your organ systems, your body can help you  identify the underlying imbalance affecting the primary organ of that system. The problem can be found in one of six major categories of imbalance; an energetic imbalance, a blown circuit, a toxin, a pathogen, a misalignment, or an imbalance in nutrition or life-style.

Exploring these six main categories and their subcategories is easy using an excellent tool developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson called The Body Code™.  This tool allows us to muscle test the body and find the underlying imbalances that make our organ and body systems unhappy.

Through muscle testing, we can ask your body: “Are your lungs unhappy?” If the muscle test indicates a “yes” to that question, we can test to see if the cause of that unhappiness is in one of the six categories of imbalance.

Often, the body will identify an energetic imbalance, such as a trapped emotion embedded in one of the lungs. This emotional energy disrupts the body and creates an environment that supports dysfunction rather than balance and well-being.

Such an imbalance can prevent the body from receiving the benefits of treatment, or releasing toxins that impair health.

By taking time to ask about underlying imbalances, and correcting them, we can easily eliminate a disturbance that blocked your lungs from returning to health.

There is so much to be learned by asking the body a simple question; “are my organs happy?”

Clearing your inner environment of toxic energies allows your body to do what it is designed to do; create and maintain a state of balance and health.

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