The human heart communicates with the brain by sending signals that result in a specific type of response from the brain.

The brain activates the release of powerful chemicals in response to the messages from the heart intelligence.

These chemicals can create a “super immune” response, that can include the release of Telomerase, which repairs and regenerates the Telomeres that are damaged during stress and what we often call “the aging process”.

When the frequencies sent by the heart are received by the brain and replicated in the brain’s messages to the body … it is called Coherence. It is measurable and has been studied extensively in the past few decades. The actual frequency of this type of Coherence is 0.10 HTZ

Emotions that create this Coherence are qualities like appreciation, love, compassion and gratitude.

Gregg Braden talks about an ancient indigenous culture that provided seclusion for newborns designed to provide them with messages from the Heart Intelligence as their first information about life, and only after an adequate amount of time with only Heart-Centered information flowing through their bodies, were they allowed to be introduced to the greater environment. This gave them an early foundation for perceiving life and other people from a Heart-Centered awareness.

In my work with The Emotion Code™ and Body Code™ I have found that removing blocks to the vital communication between heart and brain can make dramatic positive changes in health and well being.™

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