holding hands


For decades, researchers have studied the power of human touch and it’s effect on well being. I remember when I was in nursing school Stanford University published a study on elders who were suffering from “the poverty of touch”. The study showed that elders who did not receive regular doses of human touch had a shorter life span, and the quality of their lives was impacted in many ways.

Contemporary research on touch shows us that deprivation of touch has measurable physical consequences. Regular hugs and physical contact lowers blood pressure, decreases Cortisol (a stress hormone) levels, increases Oxytocin ( a hormone associated with the experiences of trust, empathy and bonding) levels in the brain, and decreases the risk of heart disease.

In today’s world, it is far too easy to become isolated, even in a crowded city. Separation and loneliness are common these days and are strong contributing factors in disease and chronic pain.

One of the things I have learned from using The Emotion Code™ tool with myself and my clients, is that the Heart Wall (a wall of toxic energies surrounding the heart and heart chakra) can create an energetic separation from others, pushing us into depression and a poverty of touch.

If you have not enjoyed regular hugs, holding hands, or even a friendly handshake recently, your physical health may be impacted in many ways. Releasing the Heart Wall can allow your heart to connect with others again … and open the doors for a joyful return to well being.

Think about it … when was the last time you allowed yourself to give and receive the gift of touch?

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