A research team at the Institute of HeartMath found that immune system functioning, as measured by levels of IgA (secretory immunoglobulin) increased in participants who were instructed to intentionally feel care and compassion for five minutes, while IgA levels dropped when they were instructed to feel anger by remembering a situation or experience that had made them angry in the past.

IgA samples were taken immediately after the exercise, and then every hour for six hours. After 5 minutes of feeling care and compassion, there was an immediate 41% average increase in IgA levels. After 1 hour, the levels returned to normal, and then slowly increased again for the next 6 hours.  With the practice of recalling anger, there was an initial increase of 18% in IgA levels, but 1 hour later, their levels had dropped to 1/2 of normal and even after 6 hours, their IgA levels had not returned to normal …

interesting … long term effects?

the key findings: heart-focused, positive feeling states boost the immune system, while negative emotions may suppress the immune response for up to 6 hours following the emotional experience.

Food for thought 🙂

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