Dr. Bradley Nelson identified the phenomenon called “Heart Wall” in his book The Emotion Code™

In searching for the cause of depression, failed relationships, negative life patterns and difficulty giving and receiving love, he discovered the presence of trapped emotional energies in the area of the heart. These energies form a type of barrier that literally separates the heart from others and from the environment in an effort to protect the heart after it has been wounded.

Trapped emotions sitting in the body are mined and used to create this wall around the heart.
The frequency of each Heart Wall Emotion adds a layer of toxic energy to the normal energy field of the heart and heart chakra.

The heart’s electromagnetic field extends several feet around the body and is the first thing encountered by others when they approach you. When a Heart Wall is present, its toxic frequencies influence the other person’s perception of you. In other words, you cannot be seen clearly when a Heart Wall is in the way.

Imagine for a moment, that you have developed a Heart Wall made of the emotions of abandonment, betrayal, shame, fear and anger. These frequencies must be navigated by any messages coming into the heart from the outside world or other people. Any messages you send out from your heart to others also have to travel through the toxic energies in the Heart Wall.

Its as if a beautiful butterfly of love energy moves through abandonment, betrayal, shame, fear and anger … and by the time it emerges from the Heart Wall, it looks more like a Pterodactyl than a beautiful butterfly!

The person receiving your heart message senses the Pterodactyl, not the butterfly, and reacts to the toxic emotions in the Heart Wall. Clarity of communication and perception becomes impossible, and we misunderstand each other. All the while, you have no idea why you are not being seen clearly … why your pure intention does not translate.

And imagine how confusing it would be to receive from others when their messages also cross through the Heart Wall Emotions becoming a distorted version of the original meaning.
It would be impossible to totally trust or receive.

I believe that Heart Walls are the primary cause of miscommunication and mistrust between people, because no matter what someone is saying, the energies moving outward to the other person do not match the words being spoken.

Read more about trapped emotions and Heart Walls by clicking on the links.
Consider freeing your life from limitations by identifying and releasing your Heart Wall.
I have seen miracles, and believe as Dr. Nelson does, that we can change the world one person at a time.

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