Removing old programs:

We all have assimilated many beliefs over the years of life. These beliefs may be about ourselves … the way things work in this world … what is good or bad … many details about what is possible in our lives.

These beliefs can be like a software program … something that tells your computer (your brain) how to function in specific situations … programs that create limiting thoughts.

For example, you may believe that certain illnesses are always fatal … or you may believe that you have to work very hard to succeed … or that you can either be spiritual or wealthy, but not both … or that you have to experience physical decline as time passes … or that you are “not good in math” … or that love relationships always cause you pain.

The list goes on and on … and these programs or beliefs cover all aspects of life … from the mundane to the cosmic. They are acquired as a result of exposure to the opinions of others … from the information sent out in mass media … from observation of events and behaviors around you … there are a multitude of ways in which we can acquire beliefs.

When a program creates limiting thoughts about what is possible in your life, or in the lives of others … the emotional experience we have when in those programs is usually unpleasant … fearful, doubtful … negative in some way.

We are such complex … multi-dimensional beings, that it might take a lifetime to examine each false or limiting program within our subconscious (where most of them are located) … and research indicates that for the average person, 94%-96% of all decisions are made in our subconscious mind before we are even aware of them … decisions about how something will most likely occur, or what might occur …

The ancient alchemists and the star beings currently assisting humanity, have in common, the use of sacred geometry, symbols, colors, elements, and light, to make positive changes in the energetic frequency of everything that exists. We are blessed to be exposed to these techniques because they are efficient, simple, and effective ways to re-calibrate and balance our energy fields, our physical bodies, and our programs for living on Earth.

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Universal Core Healing Technique: Moving Limitations.

This class offers you the experience of one such technique that quickly brings your being into balance and alignment with your Divine Blueprint … the original template or plan for your Earth life, with a body, mind and spirit in perfection of form and function.

It allows you to energetically realign yourself, freeing yourself from old programming, and embedding the frequency of alignment into your self in present time.

This is first in a series of classes that teach you a blending of ancient and modern alchemy in my new educational program

ShastaLight Universe-City

I was given the name for the school after the information was downloaded from collaboration between many divine beings and galactic teachings transmitted from the Cities of Light across the Universe.

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