Today at noon Pacific on

I am joined by Eileen Smith of Traveling Time and Space, and Kristina Walsh of Surfing the Psychic Waves

to launch a new monthly feature on Mount Shasta Moments called “Galactic Groove”

today  we explore these topics and more:

A frank and fascinating discussion about Extra Terrestrials

Ship Sightings (Identified Flying Objects)

Personal Experiences with our Star Brothers and Sisters

Myth Busting Regarding First Contact

The Connections between Star Beings and the Ancient Q’ero (Inka)

The New Paradigm of Grounding in the Heart

Multi-Dimensional ETs

How Our Galactic Family Assists Humanity

Positive Messages from Many Galactic Sources

They Are Already Here

Please join us if you can, and check in to the chat room for more fun

Here are some recent photos I want to share with you of this beautiful place I call home

On the road to Stewart Springs

Mount Shasta Meadows

Horses at Sunset with Black Butte in background

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