Mount Shasta Moments

Today at noon Pacific


A Special Edition of Mount Shasta Moments

A Beautiful Guided Exercise

in the Andean Spiritual Tradition

Calling-In the Sweetness of Mount Shasta

recorded on 10-10-10

Welcome the Clan Mother of the 10th Moon Cycle

“Weaves the Web”

Join us as we launch the new monthly series

“Wisdom of the Ancients”

Conversation and Instruction with

Miguel Mesa, Paqo of Andean Spirituality

A love offering for the listeners that includes a guided experience/prayer

Andean Spirituality and Mysticism

The Q;ero Nation

Mt. Shasta’s twin Essences: Yanantin-Masintin

Khuya and the Luminous Seed

Tools of the Paqo

Divine Reciprocity

A Guided Meditation for Release of Heavy Energies in the Poq’po

How the Q’ero Elders align with Agelessness

Distance Connection with the Sweetness of Mount Shasta

Enjoy another episode of Gaia’s Children

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Another Beautiful Day

Magical Portal Tree

Magical Portal Tree

hmmm ... what is that light on the left ???

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