A Mount Shasta Story

The magic of the mountain always takes my breath away. I had been looking for a specific vehicle, of a specific year, color, model and options for some time. I regularly scanned the internet for this vehicle, finding few options within reasonable driving distance from Mount Shasta. I kept visioning this vehicle and feeling the presence of it in my life. I practiced enjoying it even though it was nowhere in sight. I made it fun, and played with the search, never letting myself go into doubt or fear that it couldn’t happen.

Then one day last week when I least expected it, something miraculous happened.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to take myself out to a late lunch in a nearby town, at my favorite organic restaurant, The Cornerstone. I planned to take a novel I was reading, and looked forward to just kicking back reading and sunning in the outdoor dining section.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I realized I had forgotten my book. Looking for something else to read, I picked up the local weekly classified paper, and began casually reading the ads. My attention was drawn to a color ad for the only car dealership in Mt. Shasta (a tiny lot owned by a car company that was not what I was looking for). Lo and behold … on that page, was a color photo of the exact vehicle I was looking for!

I stared for a moment in disbelief. This specific vehicle had never been seen on that lot … EVER and just about the time my mind tried to kick in with issues about loans and affordability … I turned the page to see a different, unrelated public service ad about purchasing cars and which loans were best and most affordable. Well, then I was definitely curious … maybe Spirit was really talking to me … maybe I should not blow this off as coincidence.

To make a long story short … I went down to the car lot, got a loan for much lower interest than they predicted … everything went as smooth as butter off a hot knife, and by the end of the day, I had my new vehicle and sat behind the wheel astonished.

I wanted to express my gratitude for the many synchronicities and blessings that happened that day, so I decided to drive to the upper ski bowl parking lot, watch the sunset and give my thanks.

The sunset proved to be one of the most beautiful of the season … and as I slowly drove down the mountain a couple of miles watching it, I came to the parking lot where climbers leave their vehicles when they take off for the two day climb to the summit.

Usually buzzing with cars and people, there was not a car in sight, but there were four young men huddled together with their backpacks, crampons, and climbing gear … looking a bit forlorn. One stuck out his thumb with a sheepish grin, while the others watched anxiously to see what I would do. I pulled over next to them and they crowded around me saying “are you really going to give us a ride with all our stuff?” I laughed and told them that I had only received the vehicle two hours earlier, after owning the same car for 14 years (those Toyotas … they never die). Then they got nervous and said something about their packs and gear and getting the vehicle messy. I assured them that I was more than thrilled to be able to offer my help as the first “official” ride of the day.

They climbed in after stowing their gear in the back and we began the descent with our eyes on the spectacular sunset. After a mile or two, we had to pull over and take photos … it was just too wonderful to ignore. We laughed and marveled at the sight, and later I took them down the mountain to town. They had just returned from summiting Mount Shasta that evening and were filled with the exhilaration and joy that such an adventure implants in your mind forever … and I will forever remember the magical day that my Toyota Rav4 4WD Limited with all the options came to the little town of Mount Shasta because the Universe was answering my alignment with a big affirmation filled with love and abundance that I could immediately share with others.

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