Solstice Season Circle of Life

Our Intentions Matter on a Global Level

In this time of shifting seasons, we are witness to many dramatic and sometimes disturbing events around the world.

Most of us wonder … how can one person make a positive impact that can influence the course of Humanity’s journey?

Whether you are experiencing the slow return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere, or the long and exquisite days of summer in the Southern Hemisphere … the light of the Sun influences our experiences, our moods, the success of our harvests, and the right use of our contemplative inner journeys during the quiet season of winter.

In the same way that the Sun holds such a profound role in the course of daily life, each of us holds an equally important part in contributing to the Collective Consciousness around the world. We hold within us, the Light of Truth and Love.

If we choose to remember this, and deliberately take time each day to focus on the truth of Love;  of what we all have in common, rather than what divides us, then just a few minutes of that intentional awareness transmits the Light of Love out into the world around us, connecting with every other human who is doing the same.

Scientists studying the human heart have documented that it has an electromagnetic energy field 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain, and this field extends several feet beyond the body. When we choose to connect our heart’s field with the heart fields around us, we can actually form a powerful grid of intention that influences the Collective Consciousness in a positive way.

It is a simple truth; when we are distressed by frightening events in the world, we can find some measure of relief by remembering to spend a few minutes with the intelligence of our hearts, just breathing and connecting to the Universal Dream; the truth that everyone wants to be loved, seen,  respected, safe, provided for and happy. Even beneath the ugliness, you will find that shared dream. So step up to the truth of who you are, and use the power of your heart to send a healing message out into the world, knowing that as you do, others will follow and add to your intention. You can remain aware of all that is occurring in the world, and still find a way to contribute something real to the situation, that is measurable and meaningful.

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Take care of your hearts and share them with each other.

Be the force of Love and Light that soothes the wounds of the world.

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