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Mt. Shasta Moments monthly segment The Eagle, The Condor and The Apus takes a new expression:

Sacred Seeds: with Nina and Miguel Mesa

Paqos of Andean Spirituality, Alchemists, Owners of Sacred Seed Crystals in Mount Shasta Each month a new edition of Sacred Seeds offers

  • Teachings of Andean Spirituality
  • Indigenous Healing Arts
  • Music from many cultures
  • Sound Healing
  • Alchemy
  • Crystal and Mineral Awareness and Co-Creation
  • Personal Healing Tools from Around the World

and more

In celebration of the Super Moon and the Solar Eclipse there are  two new segments this month

Nina Mesa shares information and stories about

  • Crystal Awakenings
  • Gem Elixirs and Our Inner Alchemist
  • Crystals Birthing Consciousness
  • Evolving Crystal Grids

Miguel Mesa shares information and stories about

  • Do-IN Ancient Tradition of Self Massage
  • Meridian Exercises for Self Healing
  • Sacred Song Circles and Sound Healing
  • Coming into Coherence with Your Natural Gifts

Sacred Seeds airs at 11:00 am Pacific for Nina’s show and 5 pm Pacific for Miguel’s show from now until May 10th

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