Premises for Becoming Aligned With Solutions

As a human being, I have the ability to choose the quality of thought that builds the foundation for my life experiences.

For every problem that is created or perceived, multiple solutions are also simultaneously created in the quantum universe that is my home.

As Einstein said, focusing on the details of a problem does not allow you to find the details of the solution.

A situation that is perceived as a problem is perceived within a specific frequency of thought.

This problem frequency is a vibrational location or perceptual field from which all details are experienced and analyzed.

It begins with noticing that a situation does not align with your heart’s desires or your intentions in a given moment.

This misalignment causes a sequence of events to occur that do not match what you want.

In the moment of observing these events, we have been trained to perceive and then label those events as “Problem”.

Our impulse then, is to fix the problem, or in a worse-case scenario, determine the problem to have no solution.

We begin the process of detailed analysis of the problem in order to find the solution, and often feel as if we must actually create the solution, even if we did not “create” the problem (although we did create the perception of the situation as being a problem).

By analyzing and examining the problem, we take ourselves into the vibrational vicinity or frequency of the problem and from there, try very hard to see a solution.

Our ability to discover solutions is then influenced by the vibration of the problem, and we are unable to see creative alternative solutions, even though they exist all around us.

We cannot perceive the solutions because we are looking out from the frequency of “problem”.

At times, we will create or discover a type of solution, but it often is not the solution that our heart desires … it is some type of compromise of our intentions and desires that we settle for because we do not believe we can have the desired solution.

This entire process happens in a split second, and is founded on the belief that we can only look for solutions while concentrating on the problem.

We do have other choices and those choices offer us a completely different set of experiences.

First, we must train ourselves to understand that solutions and problems are created simultaneously. A solution does not have to be created because it already exists.

Next, we must understand that the frequency, or vibrational vicinity of a problem is very different from the frequency or vibrational vicinity of a solution.

Think of it using this metaphor:

If you are wearing glasses with red lenses, everything you observe will be covered in a red tint.

You will not be able to see other colors without the red overlay coming from your glasses.

If you want to see greens and yellows and blues and oranges and pinks and golds and whites, you must remove the red glasses.

The frequency of a problem is like the red glasses. Looking out into the world for solutions while wearing those red glasses, will prevent you from seeing clearly what is right in front of you.

You will only see things affected by red. You will only see possible solutions that contain the effects of the problem.

So, how do we take off the red glasses?

We decide to.

We decide to drop the habit of focusing on the problem while searching for the solution.

We decide to focus on the fact that many solutions already exist and we don’t have to look for them, because if we are looking out into the world with clear eyes, we will be able to see the solutions all around us that exist along with the problem.

Even when we consciously practice “positive thinking” … even when we say to ourselves, “I am going to expect a positive outcome to this problem”, we are still looking from the frequency of problem and hoping that if we have enough will power, we can somehow attract a positive solution. But in our hearts we are still believing all the negative details of the problem, and we are still fearing that the positive solution may not come.

This fear alone can act like the red glasses.

We need to do more than take a leap of faith, because what we are trying to leap over are our own fear-based beliefs. We must change our beliefs first.

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