Lately I have been noticing that the way things are successfully marketed online involves an almost constant barrage of emails and videos with information about products and services.

These products/services often have great value in helping people to increase their business presence, or heal and improve the quality of their lives.

Each morning, when I look at the emails coming in … even though many have been sorted by Gmail into promotional rather than personal, I find I want to run screaming in the other direction rather than open and read each one.

It can feel like being assaulted by too many offers … too many products. A person can get lost in the sorting out of all this information, and certainly can feel compelled to spend far too much time trapped in the every-growing abyss of cyber information being hurled their way.

Even though the things being marketed are great,  the delivery and accepted way of force-feeding this information has become, in my experience, overwhelming and exhausting.

Have you had a similar experience?

So, the other day I was thinking how much I wish the paradigms for marketing and business success would shift into something more intelligent, intuitive and organic … something that follows the flow of what is needed from moment to moment.

Around that same time, I was privileged to join an online live stream offered by one of my most treasured teachers, Jon Kabat-Zinn.  He was conducting a guided mindfulness meditation to culminate a month-long mindfulness series.

As Jon took us into the deep, simple and organic experience of breath … singular focus on the breath, I realized that this flow … this natural process of receiving and sending the flow of breath, is how I feel the paradigm of marketing, purchasing and experiencing can become.

I began to wonder how to change something so huge and established as the current paradigm for business.

I realized the only thing I can change is me. So I decided then and there, to shift the way that I communicate my business and services to the world.

I decided the best way for me to connect with all of you, is to do something that I love to do; sit in silence, receiving guidance, clarity, vibrant creative energy … (the in-breath)

and from what I receive, I can  create a tool  that is useful to anyone seeking well being, and offer it out from my heart as a gift (the out-breath)

When you receive it, taking it into your experience (the in-breath),  perhaps you will be inspired to reach for more … or to share it with someone who might reach for more, and organically, the energy returns to me again (the out-breath).

This feels good … this feels right, and the joy that I experience in both the creation and the sharing is a gift for my heart that cannot even be measured in value.

So we will see … a small change that may be the pebble hitting the still surface of the pond … maybe it will create concentric circles of expansion.

So know that when you sign up for my email list, you will receive gifts from my heart to yours.

Know that when that email shows up every month, it will contain a special surprise, a “call to action” (marketing term) that is a call for you to take something in as heart-to-heart medicine.

This gift is offered in reverence for the organic flow of sacred reciprocity. Let’s co-create together, a different way of giving and receiving.

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Love and Light and keep breathing 🙂

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