Many of you have probably heard the buzz about the new astrological cycle that is upon us … and tomorrow we are stepping into the prelude of the dance as Mercury (the way we think) enter Aries (the Warrior) just three days before Uranus ( the revolutionary) arrives in Aries, impulsing us to break free of all our limiting ideas, beliefs and opinions.

This is the beginning of a significant 7 year cycle of expansion that includes not just our individual reality, but the collective … the entire world. We are seeing this playing out across the planet already, and there is more to come.

So how do we ride this wave of r(evolution) as the lightening bolt of Aries ignites our desires for a better world?

It begins within … It begins by allowing our resistance to be our inspiration. When we feel our angst flaring up in the face of the unwanted … we can consider our options.  Do we want to continue down the same old road of frustration and hopelessness … or can we practice expanding our perceptions just a little, or a lot … can we see things from a new perspective of inclusion and stop reacting from the limited third dimensional reality of right/wrong, good/bad?

Can we figure out how to say “yes” to what feels best and hold that focus long enough and with enough passion, to activate its manifestation in the 3-D?

Everyone has an opinion. Each individual has a unique perspective. This is a time for you to stand up and find your voice … to trust your intuition and release the fear of speaking your truth … and here is the challenge: at the same time that you are learning to love and honor and accept yourself fully, you will be offered the option of also doing the same for everyone else.

Can we live in reverence for our individuality AND develop a healthy respect for the fact that we are all ONE?

I challenge you … as I do myself … to live this Universal truth

It means learning to move from third dimensional duality/reaction perception, to fifth dimensional allowing and choice … and that is where true Creator Consciousness resides … in our fifth dimensional ability to be both a unique individual expression of Divine Consciousness AND unquestionably in unity with everyone else.

Enjoy This Beautiful Music Composed by  a Fifth Dimensional Genius

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