Peter Rodger explores the world and the hearts of humanity in his quest to understand why religions wage war against each other in the name of God.

Frustrated by the growing divisiveness after September 11th 2001, Rodger takes a leap of faith leaving the comfort of corporate ad contracts and family life, to seek believers and non-believers across the planet and ask this simple question: “What is God?”

His original intention to create a documentary film expands to include this fascinating book recording many compelling stories beyond what can be contained within the film. These stories take the reader on a journey that is inclusive of all sorts of diverse opinions and beliefs, in a rare and unbiased manner encouraging us to see the concept of God through other’s eyes.

From aboriginal wisdom, to major world religions and their factions, to atheists and agnostics, Rodger witnesses their convictions about God and faces his own questions along the way. He interviews people in cities, villages, churches and politically sensitive remote locations, to hear why they believe what they do about God, religion, paradise and hell.

Reading this book will open your mind to a deeper understanding of the complexity of the human need to define and align with a power greater than ourselves, and the dangers inherent in believing in one path to enlightenment . Most important, it will inspire you to answer the question for yourself; “What is God?”

The companion DVD “OH MY GOD” is resplendent with breath-taking footage of the most beautiful places in the world, touring 23 countries and meeting people who will make you laugh, and cry and at times, shudder with amazement at the depth of their belief that their version of God compels them to separation or violence. Not to be missed, this film brings home the common threads we all share, and the beliefs that keep us apart.

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