I am celebrating the fact that at long last, the road to the higher meadows on the mountain have finally opened and the snow is almost gone. Last night I drove up Everitt Memorial Highway … past Bunny Flat, the spot where the gates close over the road until the snow melts … and on to the trail head to Upper Panther Meadow and the beautiful source spring.

It was nearly sundown when I arrived, and few people were around. The people I did encounter were as joyful as I was to be able to feel the presence of the meadow once again … little streams cascading over rocks … the grasses such a vivid green, and the ancient Heather beginning to bloom. This alpine Heather takes from 200-400 years to reach the height of 6 inches … it is an amazing and resilient being. The sacred spring … the place of emergence for local indigenous people is a place of deep peace and vibrant energy. As I sat on my favorite rock, watching the sunset, I marveled at how fortunate I am to be able to feel the earth beneath my bare feet, resounding with new life and high vibrations … and always, the peaks of Shasta and Shastina, looming in the background like guardians of this holy place.

Trail to Upper Panther

Upper Panther

The Source

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