During shift times in the seasons, there are often Collective epidemics of illness, and many people seem more susceptible to inviting these experiences to manifest in their bodies, just when extra energy and stamina are needed.


Recently I was shown a perspective of the human immune system that is very different from the way it has been presented to us in the past. I will share this information with you now, and you can use it if it resonates with you.


The human immune system in balance is called “The Divine Alchemist”.


It has the ability to discern harmonic energies, and dis-harmonic energies, and direct the body chemistry (alchemy) to combine certain elements, or chemicals, or cells, or organisms in order to create and replicate the harmonics of well-being.


The language we have been taught to use regarding the immune system has created an underlying assumption that the immune system is a powerful and vital Warrior, rather than an Alchemist.


Descriptors like fight, destroy, attack, killer T cells, and others, paint the picture of a battle. Any kind of battle involves powerful resistant energies. For Star Trek fans out there, I will borrow a quote from the Borg: “Resistance is Futile”.


Resistant energy requires vibrational frequencies that are not harmonic with balance, alignment and well-being.


For example, most of you have likely heard descriptions of immune system functions such as certain white blood cells “engulfing” and killing pathogens like a virus or bacteria.


If you watch the process from a more expanded perception, you may observe that the white cell is attracted to the virus or bacteria … (so how does the Universal Law of Attraction play a part?) and once they meet, the white cell surrounds (rather than engulfs) the virus or bacteria and then the Alchemist works with specific chemicals to allow the dis-harmonic molecules to dissolve into their component parts and be used to create well-being. This perspective allows you to see the immune Alchemist transforming, rather than destroying.


This is a subtle, yet powerful shift in our own thought-form frequency when regarding a vital part of our anatomy and physiology. People have had success using the old paradigm words when visualizing or meditating with the immune system … but imagine how much more powerful and positive the changes might be with just this simple shift.


When core beliefs transmit fear frequencies and couple with our perceptions, the Divine Alchemist ( Immune System ) responds to the call to action within the containment field of the fear frequencies. In other words, Its like being handed a black crayon and instructed to draw a picture of well-being … or being handed the entire box of crayons and drawing the same picture with a multitude of possible colors. Both will be pictures, but one will be limited to a certain expression.


When a virus or bacteria (a life form) is identified as a “threat”, the Alchemist is operating within the fear paradigm of “It is not safe here”. It is possible that there are many energetic variables occurring whenever such a “pathogen” creates dis-ease.

There is so much we can learn when we expand our perceptions … and we don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater … just keep what you already know and then allow your knowing to get bigger … to include more expanded definitions, and who knows? Maybe getting “over” the seasonal illnesses will be way easier than we thought.


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