One of the new technologies I am using is called Mind Movies. We know that the subconscious mind processes a million times more information per second than the conscious mind. The gateway between the two is the reticular activating system (RAS) found in the brainstem. This specialized area of the nervous system is programmed to selectively alert the conscious mind of information that is relevant to what the conscious mind is choosing to focus on, while other information goes unnoticed.

When we have established habits of negative thinking, we have instructed the RAS to continually access all similar information in the subconscious mind and bring it into our awareness … thus, we are “fed” a constant stream of negativity which in turn, reinforces the negative habits of thought.

Its not enough to affirm new positive intentions with the conscious mind. We must also re-program the RAS to seek and send positive information to us in a constant flow of reinforcement, which will change our primary vibrational offering in such a way, that a coupling can occur between the 3-D reality and the “vortex” or positive change that we have created through our desires.

This is done through repetition and by using triggers that are meaningful to the individual. The Mind Movie works like a vision board that has come alive. There are images that imply a message, text affirmations that clarify the intention, color, movement, and music. Music evokes emotion, and the emotional experience is a key ingredient in embedding the new intention into the subconscious gatekeeper.

The combination of all these ingredients with repetition allows the RAS to develop new points of reference for collection of information.

If you watch your mind movie first thing in the morning and just before retiring for the night … and anytime in between that inspires you, I promise you there will be dramatic changes. You will feel the difference quickly. The inspirations will come, for ideas and creative actions to take to realize your intentions.

This is a wonderful way to use your computer, iPad or smartphone … take it with you wherever you go!

The Mind Movie is like a multi-dimensional elixir that you will want to make frequent use of in order to feel inspired, supported and expansive.

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