I am happy to announce that my services are now available on my website ShastaLight.com and I am finally working “for myself”. The transition into independence has been a fabulous journey of unfolding for the past month.

My new web store is where you can find downloadable audio classes, a variety of email services and in-depth reports, tools for inner work and scheduled appointments for telephone or Skype sessions with me.

My main focus now is working with clients who are on an inner journey of expansion and are looking for support and inspiration. I believe that in the traditional sense, psychic “readings” are becoming a thing of the past, as people become more aware of their own ability to intuit and create. The new template for connection between an intuitive and a client is one of collaboration, validation, spiritual and life coaching, and co-creation. As I receive transmissions and expand my own understanding of our multi-dimensional nature, I will create tools for you to use in your inner work.

I believe that these times are asking us to remember who we really are, and what we are capable of creating. If you want to deepen your connection with Source, or expand your abilities to communicate with all aspects of Spirit, including those loved ones who have crossed over … I will help you to find your own way.

If you want to do some healing work on your old programming, or any limiting beliefs that stand between you and your heart’s desires, we can explore those beliefs together and I will teach you how to release them with grace and ease.

We are best served by moving out of fear and into love, where all things are possible.

I am currently exploring the bridges between science and metaphysics, medicine and ancient knowledge. The information available to us now about the ways in which we can work with our physiology and intention is exciting and ground-breaking news.

I will help you to craft a plan and a practice that is attuned to your goals, and dreams, and aligned with the most magnificent expression of who you are.

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