Blessed day to you all.

This week is especially auspicious for letting-go … releasing old programming that limits our expansion. You know the ones I am talking about … any negative beliefs about yourself, or about how things work. It does not require intensive probing … at this time energetically, all you have to do is relax and allow the old patterns to show themselves to you.

For example, if you are like most people, you can receive 20 compliments, extolling your positive qualities, and then you receive one bit of negativity, and it seems to have so much more power than the 20 positives … why is that?

Take a look inside at what beliefs you might hold that program you to take in deeply any negativity, while the positives simmer somewhere on the surface. There are powerful Collective Consciousness beliefs about this … consider the possibility that there is a Collective belief that the negative is the truth, and the only part that should be deeply embraced … why else would we allow ourselves to be so wounded by one small thing when 20 things of the opposite vibration don’t seem to remove the sting of the one?

At this point in time … it doesn’t really matter why or how we acquired these beliefs … we can use the litmus test of our emotional guidance system to tell us whether those beliefs are true or not.  To quote one of my favorite teachers: “If it feels yukky, it is yukky.” When you discover the programming behind repetitive, negative experiences … patterns in your life and the lives of others … now is the time to release those programs … now is the time to create new ones that pass the litmus test … ones that feel good.


Farmer's Market Mount Shasta

County Fair ... new breed???

Old School Fortune Teller Mt. Shasta

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