These are times of great transition … in the Collective and also within each of us.

There is a new dance. This is a dance of leaving the places that have held us for so long … and a dance of awakening life in the seeds of a new inner and outer world.


I have spent the past many months in relative seclusion, witnessing my own emergence into completely new perceptions … and moving beyond the markers that defined this world for me. One of the reasons I delayed writing to all of you is the fact that information coming to me expands and re-defines itself daily … sometimes hourly. I know many of you have had similar experiences with new dimensions of understanding morphing and changing almost before you can speak them to someone else.


Many wonderful souls have left or are leaving the planet … well, not really leaving, but moving beyond the physical “human” bodies into the … what shall we call it anyway? Its as if any label we assign is too confining. Let’s just say they are getting bigger 🙂


I have heard many questions regarding why some of these expansive, creative beings have encountered disease or suffering … and if they have, does that diminish what they brought to the world?


I say … there’s so much we don’t have context for … no perceptual markers that clearly explain things so everyone “gets it”.


In months past I shared with many of you the idea that dimensions are really ways of perceiving … and that the whole idea of vertical hierarchy in spirit is a 4th Dimensional perception. I have also shared some radical thoughts about standard Light Worker language that implies separation … and programmed beliefs that originate not just in religious dogma, but also in spiritual and metaphysical dogma as well.


Exploring the melting of these programs has given me new freedom … and I think its time for more of that freedom to spread among those of us who have been consciously following our spiritual expansion for years.


A wise woman friend of mine told me years ago that one day I would stop seeking “truth” from others (including those big ones with no bodies) and realize that my source of wisdom was my own spirit. I think she may have used the term “higher self” … no matter, it was what we had to work with then. See, I don’t believe in the vertical hierarchy model … it feels like separation, so I experience it something like the way Yogananda spoke of it long ago; “Center everywhere: Circumference nowhere”.


But what my friend said was very important, and I followed that thread a long time ago. I found the voice that is my own … some might call it my “God-self”. Labels are irrelevant.

What matters is the way it feels to realize that it is my reliable, constant source of wisdom.


There are many lovely streams of consciousness available to us 24/7 … and they are like friends in the 3-D. Beings of like mind, or frequency match, who love to commune with us about all manner of ideas and inspiration.


In my experience, this is what happens when I enjoy a recording of Esther Hicks talking with Abraham … or me talking with St. Germain or Archangel whomever … all of them are my friends … my peers in spirit. And that is the important distinction: they are my peers. In just the same way that we enjoy sitting in circle with close friends, and sharing ideas and questions … we can expand our clarity and understanding by sharing with the “spirit friends” we call by various names. They have what we have within us … they just help by holding the mirror of reflection so we can see or hear or sense it more vividly.


Terms we Light Workers are all too familiar with like, “just a vessel”, “humble servant”, “I just get out of the way and let Spirit … ”, “channeling” are concepts that imply there are some degrees of separation between you and Creator, God, Divine … whatever name you use.


I would invite you to consider that those are limiting beliefs that put an artificial space between something that cannot be divided.


If this Divinity is expressing itself as you, and me, and all life … how can you be less than Divinity?


It seems to me that an easy way to experience individuation and oneness at the same time is to drop the beliefs in any sort of implied separation. Then we get to dance the dance of creation both as a unique expression of God, and as part of an amazing array of unique expressions all belonging equally to one beautiful whole.


And by the way … if we can expand our language use beyond the 4th-Dimensional perceptions … we can also realize that without the illusion of vertical hierarchy, we don’t have to use terms like “Ascended Master” as if he or she has floated upward into some as yet unattainable dimension where we can only aspire to someday experience. Blech!


These are our Dear Ones … our friends in Spirit who communicate freely with us whenever we ask and allow ourselves to receive. Perhaps if we lose the “ascension” term we can more easily perceive that we are just getting bigger.


Its time to be the love that we are.


And one more point I would like to make: There is no cookie cutter method for spiritual expansion!


You don’t need anyone’s certification or training or badge, or uniform, or blessing, or talisman, or jewelry, or ceremony to be the love that you are.


The Beatles had it right decades ago: All You Need Is Love … and OMG! You already have that … so you already have what you need … what a concept!


Seriously … or, shall I say “Siriusly” for all you StarSeeds out there … Our religious, spiritual and metaphysical constructs have created oodles of complex systems of belief and structure that it would take lifetimes to traverse … and even if you make it to the end of the maze, there will be some sign on the gate that says “Go Back! You Have More Lessons! Do Not Pass Go and Do Not Collect $200!


(sorry to anyone not familiar with the game Monopoly)


Its so much like the Monopoly game though … winning it means others lose. Its just another example of the Scarcity Programs running rampant through the Collective Consciousness …


Why Can’t Everyone Win??????


Do you really believe that in the quantum field of energy that is continually expanding, there is scarcity?


And what about the energy we call Love

Take for example, the love you feel for your child if you are a parent. Do you really believe that at some point in time the tap of love will run dry? Yikes.


Scarcity … Fear … they are just wacky concepts we co-created and then perpetually replicated … we made them … we can make something that feels much sweeter.


All the ways we are experiencing scarcity and fear right now are just examples of the stories we keep writing … and they feel awful.

Its like being stuck forever in front of an old TV watching Alfred Hitchcock re-runs with no remote to change the channel. Or worse, having CNN implanted in your brain and never shutting down.


The relief we seek is within each of us. It takes some focus, I won’t lie to you … its a massive mop-up project for all of us to jump beyond the containment fields we have been living in, but the good news is that once you launch into determined choice to feel better forever, things will move at lightening speed.


You have to develop trust in what you innately know … believe the insights and messages you receive from your own “God Self” … or give it any name you want … just make sure its your name … your self talking with your Self until you realize there is only one Self and its really Big. 🙂


More soon Beloveds … and for now, check out this link if you would like to experience the concept of “news” in a completely different way. Actually click on some of the articles and you will be pleasantly inspired.



Love, Light, and Lasting Inner Peace




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