Mount Shasta Moments

Today at noon Pacific


Celebrating Our Connection to the Elementals

My guest is Shelor Duffee

A photographer who communicates with the Elemental Realms

bringing their beauty and transmissions to the world.

Today Shelor will share the heartwarming journey that introduced her to the Elementals, and led her to create her Shelorian Portraits that capture the essence of each Elemental Being.

Through a life-changing experience with an Angel and later encounters with Jesus, Shelor was guided to leave her home and her business, travel across the country, photograph images of the Elemental Realms and bring their messages to light.

We will also be talking about the beauty of her recently published inspirational deck of cards: “Embracing the Elements” … 74 Shelorian Portraits of Nature.

Click on this link to view the images we will be discussing on the show:

Story Time: Another Episode of Gaia’s Children

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