The Clan Mother of the First Moon Cycle is Talks With Relations. She is the keeper of learning of the truths, and teaches that truth is understood through finding kinship with all of life. Her allies are the Four Winds of Change, The Cloud People, The Thunder Beings, The Creature Beings, The Tree People, The Plant People, the Devas and Fairies, The Stone People, The Clan Chiefs of Air, Earth Water and Fire and All other life forms. She reminds us that they are part of our Planetary family and our teachers as well. She tells us that to learn the truth, we must open ourselves to the vast worlds within worlds that make up all of the Great Mystery’s Creation.

Excerpt from The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams

This is the time of Quiet Season in the Northern Hemisphere where I live.

It is a time of deep introspection, kinship and sharing what has been learned by living the recent year.

Winter brings with it, the opportunity to go within … bundle up by the fire and tell stories. As we experience the transition from the active time of planting, growing, and harvesting to the time of rest and contemplation, we can take this opportunity to follow the example of many indigenous peoples across the globe, and enter into the magic of ancient wisdom through storytelling.

Before written languages developed, tribal wisdom teachings were transmitted through stories … often during the quiet season of winter. To this day, the tradition continues in many places on the Earth … in fact, in some groups, the stories are only told during quiet season.

Returning to the old stories that carry the codes of wisdom is a wonderful way to experience winter … to renew your fascination and inspiration with life on this wonderful planet … to move away from focus on drama, trauma and strife … and infuse your being with a remembrance of our connection to Mother Earth and to each other from a place of reverence and tolerance.

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