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Calling all writers who have been guided to bring your memories of past-life/multi-dimensional experiences out into the world.

Tomorrow night we are celebrating the ancient traditions of the Storyteller brought into modern times.

Meet three courageous women who received transmissions through their dreams, meditations and memories, of stories that reach out through time to our current reality, giving us information, inspiration and hope for the future.

Each author faced many challenges in accepting their soul longings to write and re-create these captivating stories.

Hear how they realized their dreams.

Be inspired to realize  your own.

Eve Evangelista

author of  “Rise of the Sealanders”

Kanara Fei Woodford,

author of “Kalani’s Wish”

Pua Fernandez

author of “The Peacegivers:

Hawaiians, Masters of the Light”

Eve Evangelista

Kanara Fei Woodford

Puanani Fernandez

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