Artist, Author and Teacher

Mary Saint Marie

will be my guest today on

at 5 PM Pacific

(re-plays at 11 am and 5 pm Pacific every day for a week)

Mary will be talking about the upcoming benefit performance of her original play “The Monitor and Laughter of the Gods” in Ashland Oregon next month.


The proceeds will go toward the development of


an innovative and exciting collective of information and tools for transformation “of the people and by the people”


Mary’s long career in the Arts has gifted her with important insights and gifts to share with the world. Some of the subjects we will explore are:


Art that invites you into your own direct knowing


Galactic Shamanism


The Mystical as the Practical


The Formless into Form


Center Everywhere


Going to the Place of No Dimension


Divine Mind Manifest


What Clouds Our Perceptions


Surrender is Alignment


How We Have Been Trained to Indulge in Negativity


How to be in 3rd Dimension and “Appear Normal”


and more



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