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What we believe determines what is possible


We absorb the foundations of belief in the first 6-7 years of life as we are primarily observing and recording what is happening in our environment.

We hear and see others interacting, and speaking their beliefs. Depending upon where we are, we may also have repeated exposure to information from media. Beliefs acquired through observation become the foundation of our “operating manual” for life. These are not our creations; these are a composite of data gathered in early childhood.

Once embedded in our brain, this operating manual becomes the “autopilot” that drives our reactions and responses to life … our expectations of what is possible and our perceptions of everything.

As we grow and mature, we begin to formulate our own beliefs that become layered over the autopilot program, creating a mixture of self-determination and unconscious influences.

Have you wondered why you seem to get a mixed bag of results when you set your intention to manifest something in your life? Even with focused attention, the outcome is not a perfect match to your intention because the mixture of sometimes opposing beliefs (yours and what you absorbed from others) is creating the magnetic field of attraction into your life.

Have you wondered why you react in a certain way to things that seem to trigger you for no rational reason? It is your autopilot program at work.

If your autopilot program says that there are limits to what you can achieve or enjoy, you will experience those limitations even when you are focused and deliberate about manifesting your dreams and goals.

Can your conscious, deliberate intention override your autopilot? Not completely … not efficiently.

The good news is that you can identify and remove the old programming, in much the same way that you can uninstall software on your computer … but how do you find the programs?

The Body Code™ and the Emotion Code™ make it easy to find and remove the programs and their related effects on your life.

Using the Body Code™ and Emotion Code™, I have witnessed many miracles in my life in the lives of others. If you want to learn more, visit my site where you can find information about how these tools work to return you to balance and well being.

Change your mind … change your life

Love to You All


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