Most of us are deeply affected by exposure to shocking events and mass violence. So much of this is happening around the clock and around the world, and most of the time we don’t hear about it for more than a passing report. When something does come into the forefront of global attention, this reality is brought home in a way that no one can turn away from. I hear many people expressing differing opinions about the events in Paris … and many of these opinions are clashing about on social media. There is also a more prevalent thread of agreement, and that is the intention to express empathy and compassion to people who are suffering. It is important to pay attention to that which we agree upon, and build upon that to create a foundation of kindness and compassion.

I find that in such controversial times, it is helpful to find ways to lift your energy and thus, your offerings out into the world to a higher vibration … to something beyond the conflicting opinions. If you can find solid ground to stand on, what you do decide to add to the collective mix of thoughts and emotions will be neutral and helpful. So look for the places where we all agree, and move forward from there.  Here are some suggestions that may be helpful in facilitating your efforts to help and your own well being:

In whatever manner you express your spiritual or religious beliefs, take a few moments to offer your prayers for healing, support and love to all people in the world who are suffering and affected by trauma and violence.






Take time to connect with the beloveds in your life. Tell them how you love and appreciate them. Don’t put it off until tomorrow; tell them what you would want them to know as if it is your last day on Earth.

Join with other people who share your desires and intentions for the world. Use the internet to connect with people across the globe who all want to help in some way. For example, you can join the Global Coherence Initiative and participate in scheduled global healing and heart-centered prayer.

Go outside for a few minutes and connect with Nature to help stabilize your own energy and relieve the feelings of overwhelm. Mother Nature always brings us back to the present moment and to the sense of balance and consistency that we find in her natural cycles.

Talk to someone you trust about what thoughts and feelings … and fears have been triggered by this event. This is an important way to release the pent up energies that continue to build with repeated exposure to a traumatic event.

Do something simple and easy that you really enjoy, for just a little while, to unplug from the tension and density of the experience you are reacting to … remember that if you are healthy and balanced, what you contribute will be much more powerful and useful.

Avoid focusing on comments and opinions that clash with your own. Remember that the concept of freedom that we hold so dear includes the freedom of expression, and to violate that is to distort freedom. People are venting on social media and you will most likely encounter something that triggers you into feeling like you need to argue your beliefs. Don’t fall into that trap. Practice the concept of freedom of speech and walk away from the trigger. Instead, spend that time seeking conversation with those who share your views and know that what you focus on, you are energetically creating. If you are constantly resisting something, you are also creating more of it … so keep in mind that where you “spend your mind” is what you are creating.

Regardless of your stance on war, or peace, or terrorism, or politics, take a moment to send blessings of well being and appreciation, peace and support to those who have committed to be front line guardians of freedom. These are the ones who step out in front of you to keep you safe. Just bless the ones who wish to protect your home. The more light you send to them, the more you are sending light to the front lines of conflict, and that light is needed there.

Limit your exposure to audio and visual images of what is already known. Unfortunately, our media is programmed to provide repeated exposure and that is a traumatic experience to the body, mind and spirit. Its ok to check back in periodically to see if anything new has unfolded, just remember that repeated exposure embeds disturbing images and sounds into your nervous system causing you to remain in a state of fight or fight. Trust me, you don’t need these triggers … you will not forget this event.

Decide what ultimate outcome you want in this situation. Do not waste your time or energy fixating on the means to the end … just visualize the end result … in other words, if you were in charge of this situation and could call the shots, what would the world look like if you succeeded? How would the world improve from where it is right now? What would that improved world feel like to you? Would you feel safer? Would everyone be happier? Healthier? Holding the vision of the ultimate outcome being some form of positive change without entangling yourself in the ways in which that can come about, allows room for the Universe to offer up many pathways for us to arrive at that outcome. Don’t limit the possibilities to what you can think of … because there may be an even more brilliant and effective way for this to happen. Do your part by seeing the outcome that you want and hold that vision.

Before you go to sleep at night, take a few minutes to release all the toxic thoughts and emotions you may have absorbed or created during the day. Then, take a few more moments to feel appreciation for something or someone that brings joy into your life … it can be anything, big or small, its  the feeling of appreciation that matters, because it sets the tone for your sleep, and changes it from stress to relaxation.

Next morning, as you are scanning the airwaves and internet for news, also look for something positive; anything that you can appreciate … your morning coffee or tea, your family, the sunrise. Take this energy of appreciation into your day, along with your concern and attention to the other things that may be happening around you.

Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So if you want something to improve, make sure you are not that weak link. Empower yourself and be a force of positive change in the world, however you envision it happening. Be powerful and be well.


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