Mount Shasta Moments July 28th 2011 5:00 pm Pacific



A Discussion with Russell Cohn of

and Kristina Walsh of Align Radio




Our Monetary System:

Guns or Gardens:Where Do We Go From Here?

Money Spent Into Existence

or Money Borrowed Into Existence

Creating Money Without Debt

The Myth of Being Born into Debt

Embracing Community and Mindful Resource Management

The Zeitgeist Idea:Creating a Magnificent Future for All

“How can I be out of money when I still have checks?”

You Don’t Have to Pay to Be Here

Protests and Resistance Don’t Work

Education and Conversation Inspire Change

The Dow Jones as a Measure of Well-Being ???

Smoke and Mirrors

Be a Hermit or Be a Part of the Solution

The Solutions Already Exist

There Are No Galactic Banks

Theory Versus History

HR 6550

A Look Into a Future of Abundance

Practical Tools for Learning More







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