Much has been made of this word Forgiveness

and many have suffered because they find it difficult  to achieve that state of grace described in thousands of psychology manuals and spiritual teachings.

There is confusion around “forgiving” and still having a sense of safety.

I have wrestled with the idea of “forgiveness” …  is it someone’s best interpretation of how they “should” feel versus how they are feeling?

In the 3D experience of  what is happening, like the violence at the Moscow airport, or the shootings in Tucson … it  often  asks something of us that does not allow us to feel what we are feeling in the moment .

And there is the bigger picture of why we are feeling so bad when we witness or think about these tragic events … are we feeling bad because of the events or because we are perceiving them from a place of fear and confusion?

Is the misery of victimization only soothed by the elixir of forgiveness?

If so, then is forgiveness really a giant shift in perspective rather than a saying yes to one thing and a no to another?  What if the magic pill is saying yes to everything?

I wonder if we  allow ourselves to expand our perceptions of everything … and the context becomes inclusive

and we get to choose where we focus …

In the awareness of inclusiveness there is a sort of compassionate allowing and in the context of getting to choose our focus, we can turn the other cheek and look elsewhere toward that which makes our hearts sing …

Can we teach ourselves to open our awareness to an expanded view of all that is and see things from the perspective of our Inner Being?

And if we do … can we stop resisting and with the full and awesome power of our Creator Consciousness … focus on a better reality … and make it so?

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