Interview with Geraldo Leandro de Souza – The Skull Master

Mt. Shasta Moments at 5pm

Join Miguel and Nina Mesa and their special guest Leandro as we explore his journeys as master skull carver.

Replays daily at 11 am and 5 pm Pacific for one week on

Geraldo Leandro de Souza is a world renowned stone carver and artist. His Crystal Skulls which, are his original form, are highly prized pieces in many collections. Adherents of metaphysics appreciate their inherent and artistic traits. Serious collectors of this form recognize them as among the top examples of the form, with exceptional artistic detail. Among many others, including mineral collectors and ordinary people, who upon seeing them are simply struck by their distinctive beauty and originality.

Leandro is more than a carver of Crystal Skulls; he is an artist as well. His skills as a sculptor run the gamut of forms; from animal to aquatic to avian to human to reptilian up to and including abstract and free form sculpture. And his mediums run the full spectrum of stone species and subspecies. His renown and skills have been earned by over twenty five years of constant improvement and refinement of his works with his hands, his heart, and his mind.

In his own words:

”My interest in and appreciation of art began during my childhood. When I was a boy, my family was poor so, I began to make my own toys from wood and clay. Stones were already of interest to me and throughout my teenage years this interest grew daily.”

“I am still fascinated by stones, but even more fascinated by the energy the stones give me and my sculptures. I do not choose what will become of a stone; the stone itself moves me to create the form that it wishes to exist in.”

“I love art, stones, the people who work with me, and I love knowing that people truly appreciate the sculptures that have been created by my hands.”

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