The genius of our physiology co-creates with us. This is wonderful, because when we combine positive thoughts, and their resulting emotional experiences, with imagining inner “movies” of peace, healing, and expansion and we repeat this several times daily, receptor sites for the neurochemicals associated with peaceful, joyful, life-affirming emotions are created and multiplied.

Knowing this, when we change our perspectives … expand them beyond the limitations of polarities and opposites, when we choose to live in peace, on a cellular level our body creates receptor sites for more peace and joy.

As quantum physics has shown, energetic “messages” which we create moment-to-moment, are recorded instantly in our cells … and since we are all connected as One Consciousness expressing as the many, when we deliberately choose the path of peace and mindful focus on the positive, we can and do assist in bringing peace into the collective consciousness … and into the world.

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