I received this letter from a dear friend in Tokyo this morning, before the latest 7.1 earthquake hit.

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Hello My Dear Family,

How are you?

I am back in Japan til 17th of this month.

The East Japan is still far from any restoration but many are struggling to start for it needs to start somewhere. The courage, integrity, silent determination and hope people are exhibiting, combined with the encouragement and help being sent from all over the world seem to be the core of the true Unity Consciousness we are moving toward.

When asked what is needed the most, many victims in the affected area said “of course correct information, food, water, gasoline and medicines are critical, but we also would appreciate the encouragement and warm words”. I believe our support and love can touch many hearts and change the direction of the Shift.

I am hoping to compile a footage to show the remarkable beauty still abundant in the human race.

My hope is to remind us that it is never too late, that we can still change, and that there is always a hope for the humanity and Earth. There may be many reasons for us to be concerned, but as long as we hold the vision of how we could be, any adversities can be turned around to be the sparkles that can light our way. We know that the events themselves are neutral; we give the meaning to them. Do we honor the lives who volunteered for us to see the beauty in us or choose to loathe the circumstances? It is all up to us. These are the messages I would like to share.

I know there are many of the visuals out there, focusing on these, but we can have never enough and I want to combine Japanese version and the world versions. I need your help, if you hold the similar vision. If you could think of any footages from TV, news, magazines, internet, etc. that represent the Unity Consciousness and remind our light, please send me the file and/or the link. I have sent out the similar message to our Japanese family as well. I still need to find the right editor for the compilation task – if you happen to know someone, please let me know.

I am ever grateful to have you all in my life to call family. Thank you!

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