Today is a good day to consider what you are receiving in your dreams … there is wisdom and guidance available to you in your dream time.  Set your intention before going to sleep, that you will receive loving messages in dreams and remember those messages upon awakening.  Before you rise in the morning, take a few moments to write down whatever comes into your awareness … the symbols and ideas may not make sense in the moment, but later in the day, the pieces will come together into a story that holds special meaning for you.

On this day, as Mars moves into Libra, you may notice the part of you that wishes to take action, and the part of you that wishes to take the time to consider all the aspects of a situation … a bit at odds with one another. Embrace them both, and focus on a balanced blend of the masculine and feminine aspects within, creating a powerful partnership,

Go outside today if you can. Breathe in the fresh air … embrace any aspect of the natural world that is available to you.

On my morning walk ...

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  1. Brittany K. James

    Hi Karen!
    I love your new site and I love this beautiful blog post! Our dreams are so very important. I love how you reminded us to set an intention before going to sleep! As we say in Integrated Energy Therapy®, where you put intention, energy flows!
    Thank you for bringing your wisdom and the energy of Mount Shasta to us all!
    Lots of love,

  2. Mark Husson


    Your site is simply beautiful and quite an extension of you and your energy. It is so wonderful to see the sprouts of light shooting from these pages onto the internet. I know this site will be the start of bringing your voice to the world – a necessary part of this universal chorus that is changing things from the inside out. Thank you, Karen! – Mark

  3. Tatiela

    Dear Karen,

    This is such a beautiful, majestic website; full of vitality and splendour! Your remarks about dreams are especially helpful this week. Thank you so much for providing this for us, and also, thank you for being so accessible and generous with your knoweledge and Light.



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