Whatever your beliefs about what is happening in the world, or in your own personal life, the best and most beneficial steps for you to take at any given moment, will be intuited as “hits” or “gut instincts” for most people.

There is so much information flying around in the media and on social networks, and most people are trying to sift through it all to find those things that resonate with their own beliefs. You can find yourself in overwhelm at times … I know that I do 🙂

How can you make coherent, conscious decisions about steps to take to secure your own personal well being  whether it is financial, relational, social or spiritual?

The most valuable guidance system you have is the intelligence of your heart.  As researchers at HeartMath.org have noted, the electromagnetic field of the human heart is 60-100 times more powerful than that of the human brain.

The heart and brain are designed to communicate constantly and the intelligence of the heart is the source of expanded perceptions and grounded, balanced understandings that promote positive outcomes.

If your heart’s energy field is polluted with layers of negative energetic frequencies, such as trapped, embedded emotions, those vital messages traveling in and out of the heart cannot be perceived clearly by the brain.

We want to clean up the planet that is our home. We want to change the systems in our country and in the world that no longer serve anyone’s best and highest good. We want to live prosperous, healthy and happy lives.

In order to create those global changes, we must begin by cleaning up our inner environment first. A powerful and quickly effective tool I have discovered to start this inner journey is called release of the Heart Wall.

I have been participating in this process with people across the world from many different cultures and countries and the results are consistently positive.

If you are committed to change, and you want to be guided by the intelligence of your heart, and pointed in the right direction for you and your loved ones, then consider exploring and releasing your Heart Wall.

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Here is a short video to illustrate the release of the Heart Wall.  Take care of your heart and many blessings.


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