Autumn Equinox

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are celebrating Autumn Equinox today. This is a time when balance is once again present, as the lengths of day and night are equal.

12 hours each, and as we focus on gratitude for the harvest, we can also tune-in to the frequency of balance … bringing our masculine and feminine aspects together … our worldly self and our higher self … our work life and personal life … all aspects of life can benefit by tapping in to the strong vibrations of balance on the planet today.

And as the sun enters Libra tonight, the sign of balance, peace, justice, we can take a moment to contemplate a more peaceful life, a more harmonious community, and a just and expansive world.

In the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, we greet the Harvest Moon … in the fiery sign of Aries, with a direct opposition to the Sun. This will activate the need for moving forward fearlessly … as the spiritual warrior is awakened. If you are procrastinating that next step toward realizing your dreams and goals … take it now, and ride the waves of the full Moon magic.

Whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere where autumn is painting the landscape, or in the Southern Hemisphere where spring is spreading its wings … go outside and take in the beauty of Earth Mother’s palette. There is nothing more centering, renewing and grounding, than taking a walk outside at the turn of the seasons. Walk slowly … in meditation, as if each step was the first you have ever taken in this incredible landscape.

Breathe in the air and allow yourself to remember things in your life that have gone well. Focus on those events, people, and situations that you can honestly see as blessings, big or small. Assuming the vibration of gratitude moves you into a receptive state of mind … one that allows you to receive even more blessings.

Life has been difficult for many people across the globe, and this is a time to look away from all of the stresses and problems that may be plaguing your life … and just for a moment, think of one thing that always makes you smile … always lifts your heart. Let that memory be the portal through which you can pass into relief … into allowing yourself to receive help, support, and guidance.

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