Join me this Thursday March 24th @ 5:00 PM Pacific


My guests are Nina and Miguel Mesa
Owners of Sacred Seed Crystals in Mount Shasta
and Practitioners of Andean Spirituality Ceremonies

Nina and Miguel (and baby Iyah) are bringing their mesas to the show so they can create a special ceremony for the listeners, where we will all participate in sacred reciprocity with Apu Shasta and Pacha Mama to celebrate the recent Equinox and prepare for opening to our light bodies and movement out of linear ti
They are hosting the Q’ero Elder Don Humberto Soncco next month here in Mount Shasta
and will share information about the rare Mosoq Karpay transmission happening only at Apu Shasta.

Later in the show Nina and Miguel  take us on a guided meditation into a Lemurian Amethyst Crystal.

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