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Miguel Mesa

Paqo of Andean Mystical Tradition

joins me today to talk about our recent visit with the Qero, future plans for up-coming events including a trip to Peru in August and plans for Sept. events in the US.

Offering our three breaths

Discussion of Khuya, (impassioned stone, or Love) and the Khuya Rumi, (gift stone from a teacher, person or nature, to the Paqo (student of the Andean mystical tradition) how and when.

Working with the Mesa and the significance of being a carrier

General clearing of the Poqpo(energy bubble/body) using your Mesa.

Miguel will offer a live ceremony, opening of the Seeki Nyawi,(Sacrum Eye) and connecting to the spirits of running water, (Phausi Runa)

with a guided meditaion using our Mesa or power object … asking the Phausi Runa to bring in Sami and clear the Poqpo .

Join the global circle and receive this beautiful gift.

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