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Sacred Seeds: Super Moon

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Welcome the Expansion

Mt. Shasta Moments monthly segment

The Eagle, The Condor and The Apus

takes a new expression:

Sacred Seeds: with Nina and Miguel Mesa

Paqos of Andean Spirituality, Alchemists,

Owners of Sacred Seed Crystals in Mount Shasta

Each month a new edition of Sacred Seeds offers

Teachings of Andean Spirituality

Indigenous Healing Arts

Music from many cultures

Sound Healing


Crystal and Mineral Awareness and Co-Creation

Personal Healing Tools from Around the World

and more

In celebration of the Super Moon and the Solar Eclipse

there are  two new segments this month

Nina Mesa shares information and stories about

Crystal Awakenings

Gem Elixirs and Our Inner Alchemist

Crystals Birthing Consciousness

Evolving Crystal Grids

Miguel Mesa shares information and stories about

Do-IN Ancient Tradition of Self Massage

Meridian Exercises for Self Healing

Sacred Song Circles and Sound Healing

Coming into Coherence with Your Natural Gifts



Sacred Seeds airs at 11:00 am Pacific for Nina’s show and 5 pm Pacific for Miguel’s show

from now until May 10th

Find Mount Shasta Moments on Align Radio



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New Galactic Groove at 5 pm

Friday, February 17th, 2012



Mt Shasta Moments Tonight

In and Out of Braco Gazes



The Simple Truth of How We Intuit

Crystal Skull Stories

Bennett Gale, Kristina Walsh, Nancy Crystal, Natosa

and Karen

Replays daily at 11 am and 5 pm Pacific

for one week


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New Eagle-Condor and Apus

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Mt Shasta Moments

Today at 5 pm Pacific on AlignRadio



Nina & Miguel Mesa

Paqos of Andean Spirituality

owners of Sacred Seed Crystals


Report from the International Tucson Gem Show


Exciting finds and adventures in Tucson


we explore the ethics of mining


healing properties of these stones:


Pink Rutilated Lemurian Seed Crystals


Green Quartz Phantoms


New Magic Child Skulls

from visionary artist Leandro da Souza


New carvings




Elestial Crystals


Q’ero messages showing in the stones


Prehnite and Epidote


Show replays daily at 11 am and 5 pm Pacific for one week



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Multi-Dimensional Radio Theater

Thursday, January 26th, 2012


Multi-Dimensional Inner Theater

Mount Shasta Moments

Join me today at 5:00 pm Pacific

explore this fascinating concept

Bennett Gale, host of

“Unconditional Reality: How to Be There from Here”

shares some of the lively characters who appear weekly

in this cutting-edge radio theater

those who are existing outside of form

and those in form who visit in their dream time

 hear them describe this world we live in

from their multi-dimensional perspectives

This show will replay daily at 11 am and 5 pm Pacific

for 7 days


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Guns or Gardens?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


Mount Shasta Moments July 28th 2011 5:00 pm Pacific



A Discussion with Russell Cohn of

and Kristina Walsh of Align Radio




Our Monetary System:

Guns or Gardens:Where Do We Go From Here?

Money Spent Into Existence

or Money Borrowed Into Existence

Creating Money Without Debt

The Myth of Being Born into Debt

Embracing Community and Mindful Resource Management

The Zeitgeist Idea:Creating a Magnificent Future for All

“How can I be out of money when I still have checks?”

You Don’t Have to Pay to Be Here

Protests and Resistance Don’t Work

Education and Conversation Inspire Change

The Dow Jones as a Measure of Well-Being ???

Smoke and Mirrors

Be a Hermit or Be a Part of the Solution

The Solutions Already Exist

There Are No Galactic Banks

Theory Versus History

HR 6550

A Look Into a Future of Abundance

Practical Tools for Learning More







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Plant Spirit Medicine 5pm pacific

Thursday, July 14th, 2011


Tonight on AlignRadio

Journey with Julie Caldwell  into Tree Medicine and Lore

Learn about our Standing Brothers and Sisters

Trees as the Foundation for Spirituality

Trees in Mythology and Music

Breathing with the Trees

Devic Beings and Hidden Worlds

Tree Medicine

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Mount Shasta Moments Today

Thursday, June 30th, 2011











Artist, Author and Teacher

Mary Saint Marie

will be my guest today on

at 5 PM Pacific

(re-plays at 11 am and 5 pm Pacific every day for a week)

Mary will be talking about the upcoming benefit performance of her original play “The Monitor and Laughter of the Gods” in Ashland Oregon next month.


The proceeds will go toward the development of


an innovative and exciting collective of information and tools for transformation “of the people and by the people”


Mary’s long career in the Arts has gifted her with important insights and gifts to share with the world. Some of the subjects we will explore are:


Art that invites you into your own direct knowing


Galactic Shamanism


The Mystical as the Practical


The Formless into Form


Center Everywhere


Going to the Place of No Dimension


Divine Mind Manifest


What Clouds Our Perceptions


Surrender is Alignment


How We Have Been Trained to Indulge in Negativity


How to be in 3rd Dimension and “Appear Normal”


and more



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Messages From the Mountain

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

We are experiencing a time of great change, and with change our landmarks often disappear. I have talked to so many people over the past two months, who are watching old, familiar paradigms dissolve before their eyes.

Many of us are moving outside of linear time, as the habits, practices, daily routines, and cultural norms fall away. Knowing what day it is or what time it is seems less important, as we look at the more relevant questions … like, “How am I feeling?” “Is this thing I am doing, or this group I am a part of a harmonious experience, or is it feeling like a limitation?”

More people each day in the industrialized world, have the luxury of asking these questions … and more people are looking for inspiration rather than stability … expansion rather than predictability.

Some of the cultural norms that are disappearing have to do with old concepts about how we define ourselves in the third dimension. As we wake up to the fact that we are multi-dimensional, vibrational beings … we naturally discover that beliefs about choosing a lifetime career, or even a lifetime partner, may be far too limiting for people who are bursting with creativity and a longing for a better world.

The personal pursuit of “success” has now evolved into seeking personal expression in a way that prospers the self and others … creating collective expansion as well as individual achievement.

What creative gifts do you have that you have longed to express? How can those gifts benefit others? What limiting beliefs do you have about what is possible for you to create and how that creation might support and sustain you?

In America, we are taught to believe that we live in freedom … and compared to many places in the world, this is very true. Personal freedom though, is a different experience, and it would amaze you to realize just how many limitations we put on our freedom of expression every day. These are the limitations of beliefs … the boundaries of “no you can’t” …

You can write your life story; everyone does. The myth is that we are meant to jump inside each other’s stories and try to re-write the parts that don’t resonate. As long as you are living inside someone else’s story, you are limiting what you can create.

And if you, like most people believe that you have a right or a responsibility to jump into someone else’s story and try to contain it or control it … even with the best of intentions, you can never attain the peace and prosperity you desire.

In the next few months, we will be witness to many points of reference changing or disappearing altogether. This can be very disorienting, unless we recognize that it is the pause between two notes … the space between breaths, where creation is possible.

Watching the stories other people are creating can be very distracting. It is best to allow them their stories and focus on the creation of your own. Each moment is an opportunity. When we move our awareness outside of time, everything is in the eternal NOW.

This means creation is always possible. No matter what has happened before, outside of time there is no past, so there is always a way to expand from where you are.

I recently received the Mosoq Karpay ceremony from a Q’ero elder from Peru.

Thirty-three people came to Mt. Shasta for the Karpay and Community Despacho.

Don Humberto chose Shasta for this Karpay because of the balance between male and female energies in Mt. Shasta and Mt. Shastina, the two principle peaks here.

As we received this blessing that removes all filaments of connection with linear time and connects us to the 5th Sun, I realized that this is a time for all of us to be born anew. This is the time we have been waiting for, and we are the beings of light we have been seeking for so long.

The Q’ero say it is the time for us to become “Solar Heroes”. My friend Len Lobban, in Aberdeen Scotland says this is the time for us to remember our connection to the natural world and all the elements. The Hathors are saying this is the time to embrace curiosity and expect miracles.

I say that this Spring and Summer will bring great opportunities, portals opening that have never opened before … and some of them may not be noticed as opportunities unless we are willing to drop into innocence and curiosity again … becoming like children who expect positive outcomes.

We get to write our stories differently now … we can assume that we are capable of creating anything. We can say goodbye to the old beliefs that say “no you can’t” … “no you aren’t”. We can say goodbye to the dream-squashers and say hello to the possibility of personal and global expansion.

There is so much scientific research-based evidence of the existence of these possibilities now, that we have no “rational” excuse to deny it any longer.

Let’s become Solar Heroes. Let’s decide that we have freedom of expression and we have multi-dimensional gifts to give to the world. Say YES to your creative flow. Step up to who you want to be in the world. Find believing eyes and ears among your planetary brothers and sisters. Gather in groups of light-minded people and support each other’s dreams.

As paradigms and landmarks fade away, perhaps amid this chaos its a good time to say, “why not? what have I got to lose?”

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Andean Spirituality Mount Shasta Moments

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Join me this Thursday March 24th @ 5:00 PM Pacific


My guests are Nina and Miguel Mesa
Owners of Sacred Seed Crystals in Mount Shasta
and Practitioners of Andean Spirituality Ceremonies

Nina and Miguel (and baby Iyah) are bringing their mesas to the show so they can create a special ceremony for the listeners, where we will all participate in sacred reciprocity with Apu Shasta and Pacha Mama to celebrate the recent Equinox and prepare for opening to our light bodies and movement out of linear ti
They are hosting the Q’ero Elder Don Humberto Soncco next month here in Mount Shasta
and will share information about the rare Mosoq Karpay transmission happening only at Apu Shasta.

Later in the show Nina and Miguel  take us on a guided meditation into a Lemurian Amethyst Crystal.

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Mount Shasta Moments Tomorrow

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Tomorrow at 5:00 PM Pacific  on

Calling all writers who have been guided to bring your memories of past-life/multi-dimensional experiences out into the world.

Tomorrow night we are celebrating the ancient traditions of the Storyteller brought into modern times.

Meet three courageous women who received transmissions through their dreams, meditations and memories, of stories that reach out through time to our current reality, giving us information, inspiration and hope for the future.

Each author faced many challenges in accepting their soul longings to write and re-create these captivating stories.

Hear how they realized their dreams.

Be inspired to realize  your own.

Eve Evangelista

author of  “Rise of the Sealanders”

Kanara Fei Woodford,

author of “Kalani’s Wish”

Pua Fernandez

author of “The Peacegivers:

Hawaiians, Masters of the Light”

Eve Evangelista

Kanara Fei Woodford

Puanani Fernandez

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