The Great Restrictor

Our Chakras are wheels of light that serve as intersection points between the physical body and Consciousness; between Matter and Spirit.

The Chakras are also connected to each other via a column of light energy that moves from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, and above and below your body.

Each of the 7 major Chakras is associated with a specific anatomic area of the body, as well as vital aspects of our life experiences. Each is also associated with a color and a symbol from ancient Sanskrit language.


During our life experiences, often from the very beginning, we create energetic containment fields around our Chakras, in response to traumas and what I call our “default programming”. These containment fields restrict and affect the flow of energy to and from each Chakra, which in turn, deeply affects our health and quality of life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that during the early years of life, we are frequently living in the Theta brain wave state, where we are primarily observing and recording events in our environment. We notice and record the way people interact, what they talk about, and what they believe.

These observations form the foundation of data that defines the world for us in the beginning of our life.

Imagine that what you are observing and recording as a young child becomes your operating manual for life! As you experience each new day, you will be absorbing beliefs from your family and community. You will create perspectives based on your operating manual as it is formed. This manual for life is your “default program”, or auto-pilot and it will run your operating system unless you choose to become consciously aware and present.

As Dr. Lipton shares, we are normally only “present” with our conscious awareness about 10 percent of the time. The other 90 percent of the time, our awareness is wandering in the past or the future, and not paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. When this occurs, our “default” programming is running our life and choosing our responses to people and situations.

Quite likely, as this “default programming” is being formed, because you are Divine Consciousness in form, you will also be aware of your innate nature … your true essence. This awareness may not align with the operating manual you are observing and recording.

When the discord between what the environment is showing you and what you know about your Divine essence knows, becomes evident, you may decide to limit or contain your essence to avoid conflict, rejection, persecution and pain.

The field of containment will restrict you at an energy center that corresponds to the aspects of life it governs. The containment field will prevent or severely restrict, expansion, growth and healing.

Trapped emotions related to the experiences of limitation, will collect in the containment field, adding negative energies to the mix. False beliefs, Negative vows, and Despair Anchors that justify the self-imposed limitations are also a part of this field, and contribute to overall imbalance and suffering.

The Emotion Code™ and Body Code™ will help us identify the containment fields and their component parts, making it easy to effectively release and heal these life-long restrictions.

Releasing Chakra Containment Fields opens your life to abundant blessings and joy.

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