The Great Saboteur

An inherited trapped emotion is an energetic frequency created by an ancestor, held in their body, and transmitted at conception to the next generation.

Sometimes, the inherited trapped emotion acts like an anchor, connecting you to the story of that ancestor … with all of their associated thoughts and feelings, perceptions and beliefs, associated with the original event or trauma. Usually, this involves an incident that had a major impact on the ancestor and on their community, country, or possibly on the world as a whole.

Each descendant of the original ancestor who received the inherited emotion also received the frequency of that story. The story has its own unique vibrational quality, and acts as a powerful attractor field for events with similar energetic effects. Through the bloodline, just like a genetic code, this vibrational field activates new versions of the original story in each descendent’s life.

If you have inherited such a vibrational legacy, you may have experiences in your own life that leave you feeling overwhelmed with “larger than life” emotional reactions.

If you have done deep inner work and are consciously focused on improving the quality of your life, yet are troubled by an underlying feeling of dread, anxiety, depression, grief, or other negative perspectives, you may be experiencing the effects of an Ancestral Pathway.

I call this “The Great Saboteur” because it links you energetically to a story of pain and loss that is not your own creation.

You may be feeling the magnitude of emotions from the original ancestor, and all of the descendants in the bloodline through time.

Each time we take a physical body on Earth, we create thought forms that are made of energy.

The energy of these thoughts remain here, even after we leave the physical form. Unless we have matching frequencies within us, we walk through these “clouds” of energy without ever feeling them.

With an inherited Anchor Emotion, we actually feel a constant conversation with all the thought forms from that bloodline related to the original event and each descendant’s re-creation of the event in their own lives.

Much like a pool of energy, this field of collective ancestral thought forms exists on the planet, and you have cellular “keys” in your body, that open the flow of this pool of energy.

The good news is, there is an easy way to identify and release this Ancestral Pathway of Pain.

You can heal it in your life, through the bloodline all the way to the original ancestor. What’s more, you can enter the Ancestral pool of thought, and transform it into a frequency of light that benefits the planet and all living beings here.

You have two biological parents, and each can be the source of an Ancestral Pathway. It is a good idea to explore both maternal and paternal pathways.

Healing these pathways eliminates the hidden saboteur energy and brings more love to the planet and more joy and success to your life.

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