Point of Entry Psychic Trauma Healing℠

We come to a physical lifetime as unique expressions of Creator God. As extensions of that Consciousness, we have awareness of the environment we are entering on Earth.

Earth contains an infinite number of vibrational expressions … some that inspire us and resonate with our Inner Being, and others that we experience resistance or aversion to. All this contrast … this variety can be a source of motivation and inspiration to us, activating our deepest longings to live in alignment with our Spirit or Soul.

As we approach each lifetime, we are experiencing the approach as Consciousness, and Consciousness is able to perceive. The Earth’s vibrational varieties are observed, and often we focus on a specific frequency that we are curious to explore. If that frequency is something we wish to understand in order to create ways to shift it, we may be focusing on something negative or unpleasant, such as war, violence, poverty, or illness.

In just a few seconds of focused attention, a line of energy connects our consciousness with the vibration we are observing, and that line of energy becomes a fixed pathway of communication back and forth to us and from us.

Because many similar frequencies are present nearby, it is easy to see how another similar vibration may catch our attention as well. If we make a second line of energetic focus to another unpleasant frequency, a virtual triangle of communication is formed between our consciousness and the two frequencies we are noticing.

This happens within seconds, and the triangle of energetic communication becomes a grid … much like a triangular template connecting us with two unpleasant frequencies. This grid is powerful alchemy and may be the first energetic alchemy we create as we approach our lifetime. So, if curiosity and exploration move us toward frequencies like war and violence, we can form a grid that reflects our connection to those two frequencies.

This triangular grid of energy precedes us into the physical, cellular body that is being formed, and once the body is developed enough to translate those two frequencies neuro-chemically … we have a psychic trauma of two trapped emotions.

And on the way into the body, this energy grid is much like a magnet moving through a cloud of iron filings … many similar frequencies are magnetized to the grid and collect there like energetic “hitchhikers”. So, when we enter the body, we are bringing those in as well. Those other frequencies are sometimes called “Pre-Conception” trapped emotions.

This Point of Entry Psychic Trauma is like an “unintentional creation”.

We are blessed to begin each life with a fresh perspective, knowing that our lives have purpose and intention, and that we are arriving just as we planned to. It is simply a function of Consciousness focusing its attention, without remembering the power of that focus to create energetic frequencies that later take form in our experiences.

The Point of Entry Psychic Trauma is released by rolling the magnet down the GVM 13 times.

The number 13 represents a specific alchemical formula.

The 1 symbolizes “a beginning”. The 3 is the first alchemy in numbers, where two different numbers are combined together to make a new number ( 1+2=3). Together, the 1 and 3 create a 4, which represents a foundation. Thus, the 13 describes the first alchemy that creates a foundational grid of energy for the lifetime.

When we release the Point of Entry Psychic Trauma, we replace it with a new grid, formed by the attention to two very positive emotional states that the individual intends to make the foundation for their life moving forward … and we establish it by moving the magnet 13 times more along the GVM.

The Fear Set-Point Release℠

The vibrational qualities of Point of Entry Psychic Trauma set a template in the developing brain that can create an environment of fear. Just as when we experience heartache, the mind creates a Heart Wall to protect from further pain, the mind also creates a similar structure in the Limbic System of the brain, where our emotions are thought to originate. Part of the function of the Limbic System, is to create responses to things that are perceived as threats to our well being. As the Point of Entry Psychic Trauma becomes embedded, the mind creates a Fear Set Point that reflects the qualities of the trauma, in order to create a constant level of awareness about what types of things in our environment may be threatening to our well being.

The Fear Set Point expresses a continuous signal of fear-inducing frequencies to keep us on alert for possible danger. The Limbic System is the place where this Set Point is created, using specific types of trapped emotional energies to construct it.

These trapped emotions are then embedded in the structures of the Limbic Nervous System, where they contribute their frequencies to the Fear Set Point. The reason this is created, is to prevent us from being shocked or caught unawares when we come into contact with vibrational qualities that initiate our fight or flight responses. Its almost like we are programming ourselves to be like Boy Scouts … “always prepared”.

This set point seems to be like a replicator that tends to impulse us to re-create trapped emotions or behavioral patterns even when we are consciously aware of their negative impact on our lives and health. Once this set point is released, we have an opportunity to create a new, more positive template for what we can expect to experience in life. This replicator seems to be the foundation of our collective “worst case scenario” addiction.

It is essential to release the Heart Wall first, since our heart must be able to clearly communicate with us in order to support us in releasing this set point of fear and replace it with an expectation of well-being.

This Fear Set Point is made of the following types of trapped emotions:

  • Pre-Conception
  • Inherited
  • In Utero (we create them rather than absorbing them as in Pre-Natal trapped emotions)
  • Moment of Birth (again, our own creations at the moment we are born)
  • (note there may be more, and as time passes, more information will likely be added)

We muscle test for type of emotion and location in major structures within the Limbic System or the Thalamus, which is sometimes included in the set point matrix.

  • Hypothalamus
  • Hippocampus
  • Amygdala
  • Limbic Cortex
  • Thalamus
  • Cingulate Gyrus

The emotions are released by running the magnet down the GVM 3 times, unless they are inherited, and those are released by running the magnet down the GVM 10 times.

The Fight Matrix and the Flight Matrix Release℠

Once the Fear Set Point is embedded, our nervous system begins to formulate and anchor two pathways of response to the expectation of threat; The Fight Matrix and the Flight Matrix.

These are pathways of response that are specific to each individual. They are formed of trapped emotions of the same type as in the Fear Set Point. These emotional frequencies are used to determine how we will react on a subconscious level, to emotional triggers. These emotions are classified as to whether they create a “Fight” response, which is what creates resistant energies within us … or a “Flight” response, which is what creates giving-up, or succumbing energies within us.

The Fight /Flight Matrix is unique to each individual and is made up of a variety of qualities of emotion. These are a little different from trapped emotions, in that they are just a program that describes which emotional states will trigger the fight or flight response, so if you are experiencing one of those emotions, even if you are allowing it to express … you are already in fight or flight while it is happening.

The Fight and Flight Matrices of emotions embedded in the Reticular Formation are like a continuous feedback loop of negativity and stress that initiates the autonomic nervous system response we call Fight or Flight. This creates a huge load of chronic stress on the physical body, as well as repetitive patterns of negativity even when we are consciously making efforts to change and grow.

Think of it like a software program for your computer that instructs it to respond in a certain way under specific conditions. When these pathways or matrices are identified through muscle testing, we can then clear the programming in both fight and flight, by naming each type of emotion and releasing it from that matrix (program). Essentially, we are deleting a program that runs our fear responses. Once this is done, you are free to experience the wide variety of human emotions, without having to be in fight or flight.

All of these emotions are embedded in the Reticular Formation, a grouping of neurons in the brainstem that communicates with the subconscious mind, informing it of what the conscious mind is repeatedly focusing on. The Reticular Formation, sometimes called The Reticular Activating System or RAS, is responsible for many important functions. One vital function is alerting your conscious mind to pay attention to some things, and ignore others.

What you think about repeatedly will inform the RAS, and the RAS along with the subconscious mind, will bring your attention to things that validate your repeated thoughts.

We have all heard about people who constantly think negative thoughts, or expect bad outcomes, only to have them validated over and over … this is the RAS at work. Conversely, you can intentionally create positive thoughts or affirmations, and over time, you will see them coming into manifestation. It is through your focused attention on specific vibrations, and the help of the RAS, that you attract examples of those vibrational frequencies.

The Fight Matrix and the Flight Matrix can be identified using the Emotion Code Chart of Emotions. Determine the number and identity of emotions for the Fight Matrix, and then the Flight Matrix and release them one at a time from the Reticular Formation and the specific matrix, using the magnet down the GVM 3 times.

Clearing the Fight and Flight Matrixes from your nervous system leaves space for you to form new habits of thought and promotes inner peace and well-being.

Additional information on the Limbic System and Reticular Formation.

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