Restoring Divine Reciprocity to Your Life


“today for you, tomorrow for me”

The Lemniscate, or figure 8, represents the intersection or meeting point where the exchanges between people are made, where each person gives and receives in balance.

Each loop represents the creation of a giving and receiving, fueled by the infusion of resources exchanged. Once the next creation is complete, it moves along the lemniscate toward the center where the exchange is made, and new energy moves out from there into the loops of the next creation. The loops are equal, and the vibrancy and nurturing is equal. This is the essential blueprint we are all born with.

thirdchakraThis is a natural program for the 3rd Chakra. This Chakra governs our personal power, our emotional expansiveness, and our spiritual growth. The 3rd Chakra is known as “Manipura” meaning “City of Jewels”. It is represented by 10 petals, a beginning point, and perfect balance.

Early in life, we take in information that distorts the universal law of reciprocity. Things that cause disturbance in this program are trapped emotions, negative beliefs and vows, disconnections between spirit and body, ancestral pathways, idea allergies, and circuitry imbalances.

If you have distortion in this essential programs for life, you will likely be experiencing problems with receiving what you need despite focused efforts to manifest change.

Blocks to financial flow, or to love and success can be traced to distortion of this reciprocity program.

The Emotion Code™ and Body Code™ are dynamic tools to help us identify distortions in the Reciprocity Program and allows release and healing to take place quickly and easily.

Healing distortions and restoring your Divine Blueprint for Reciprocity can have a powerful impact in your financial, relationship, and physical well-being.

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