When we suffer a heartache, the mind reacts by creating a wall of energy to insulate the heart from the world and other people. As the mind is constructing this energetic barrier, it heartwallslooks for energies in the body that are not being used for vital functions. The obvious choice, is to use the energies of trapped emotions, which are sitting in the body without a purpose. The mind selects certain trapped emotions, and places those frequencies in the wall around the heart.
Let’s imagine for a moment, that you have a Heart Wall made up of the trapped emotions of Anger, Betrayal, Abandonment, Fear and Guilt.

Each time you send love from your heart out into the world, or toward another person, that love like a beautiful butterfly … leaves your heart and flies through the wall of energy surrounding it.

As that butterfly moves through the energies of Anger, Betrayal, Abandonment, Fear and Guilt, each of these energies distorts the frequency of that butterfly, and by the time it emerges from the Heart Wall … it looks more like a pterodactyl than a butterfly! The person who receives your heart message, experiences the pterodactyl, not the butterfly.


The distortion works both ways. Anything coming into your heart from others, or the outside world, also has to move through the Heart Wall and is affected by its frequencies.

A Heart Wall creates confusion between people, making it difficult for you to been seen clearly, or understood by others. The distortion from the Heart Wall creates alienation between you and others, and can be the root of deep depression and isolation.


The Heart Wall also interferes with your ability to receive from the world and other people, often making you mistrustful or disbelieving that you can receive what you desire from life. If you have recurrent negative patterns in relationship, it is most likely due to a Heart Wall.

I call the Heart Wall “The Great Separator” because it is the source of separation from others, from Creator, and even from your own Inner Being.


Healing your Heart Wall can change your life. Thanks to The Emotion Code™ we have a highly effective tool for identifying and releasing the emotions in the Heart Wall. Opening your heart to will change the quality of your relationships and bring opportunities for joy and abundance to you.


Common Effects of a Heart Wall

  • Distorts or completely blocks the giving and receiving of love
  • Lowers immunity
  • Block success, financial prosperity, and personal growth
  • Create a point of attraction for dysfunctional relationships
  • A source of physical pain in chest, neck, upper back and shoulders
  • Separate you from experiencing your true potentials
  • Prevent the manifestation of your dreams and desires
  • Create depression, emotional numbness, and a feeling of despair


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